Ohio OVI Penalties


Ohio OVI Penalties

OVI Penalties in Ohio are strict.  There is a mandatory minimum jail sentence with each conviction.  Your drivers license will be suspended.  Fines for a first offense can be over $1,000.  If you are facing an OVI charge and you have been previously convicted of OVI or DUI then you are likely facing increased mandatory minimum jail and license suspension.

If you have been charged with Drunk Driving (OVI, DUI, DWI) in Ohio, know the range of penalties you are facing BEFORE you walk into court - with or without an OVI Lawyer.  A drunk driving charge can be defeated.  Contact an Ohio OVI Lawyer at Stiefvater Law, LLC for a free consultation.

Understand Ohio's OVI Penalties:

OVI Penalties;

Legal Limits;

License Suspension; and


Even if you do not plan on retaining an attorney to fight your OVI charge - you should discuss your options with an aggressive and knowlegeable defense lawyer.  The initial consultation should always be free.  If you would prefer to speak with OVI Attorney Robert Stiefvater, he can be reached by clicking here.